Product name:
Country of Origin:
Turkey with a German technology
Exclusive agent of the product:
Emirates Diyar Group
PLADECK is a product used as templates for formation of
concrete in concrete columns and slabs, beams,
bases and all other types of concrete templates.
PLADECK is a polymer product made of uPVC,
which is a petroleum derivative, and is manufactured with
a high-quality German technology.
The company also, based on the actual tests carried
out in Arabtec Ready-mix Factories, declares that:
- The product can be used for a longer period ranging from 50 to 80 times.
- It is light, nearly 30% of the plywood weight.
- It is resistant to water, fire and humidity.
- It can withstand heat up to 90 oC.
- It makes concrete smooth, with no need to plastering,
and ready to be painted directly.
- PLADECK is so suitable for works of roads and bridges,
as it produces a smooth surface without any deviations or gaps.
- It can be easily removed and does not need to be painted
- It is characterized by ease of installation and dissembling.
- It can be stored for a long time.
- It is more cost-effective than wood (plywood), especially
in large projects as it could be reused.
- Deviation and inclination angles in concrete after
casting are almost non-existent compared to wood.
- It can be treated as wood by those who used to deal with it.

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